Virtual Interns

We exist to diversify the cyber-security industry globally.

Rachel Okoji

Nigeria | Class of 2020

Rachel is a 24-year-old freelance writer and part-time model. She first found love in Software Engineering but winds of fate blew her in a different direction and she graduated from Novena University with a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry. She holds a personal belief that humans are intrinsically multifaceted and this belief is what drives her to push beyond boundaries. She hopes to explore the cybersecurity industry through the internship.

Khadija Khan

United Kingdom | Class of 2020

Khadijah has a major passion for technology. She is fortunate enough to study technology at different levels throughout her years of education. Although, with emerging technology and trends there is always new knowledge to grasp. Her passion for technology is one of the reasons why she joined the virtual internship. Another motivation for why Khadijah joined the internship is due to the lack of BAME women in cybersecurity. Seidea tackles this and she wanted to be a part of the movement.

Nini Olorunoje

United Kingdom | Class 2020

Nini is a Business graduate with over 8 years experience working within the media industry. She has led projects and campaigns across various industries and worked with clients such as EY, Accenture, Credit Suisse and the UK Government.  Nini had a passion for technology but found it difficult to find opportunities, especially being a woman with a non technical background. Her role at Sky allowed her to come across the 'Get In To Tech' Scheme. This provided her with an introduction to the world of Cyber Security. She is excited to start this internship, and learn the theory and practices of Cyber Security. 

Chinenye Nwokolo

United Kingdom | Class of 2020

Chinenye is a multi-skilled Data Analyst / Content Creator with good interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate at all levels in a resolute but diplomatic manner. Although she has been working within the Digital marketing industry for two years, she stills class herself as a beginner. As a Tech newbie, she is still on the journey of finding the perfect role. She is looking forward to this internship and all the opportunities that also come with it. 

Vidhi Seth

India | Class of 2020

Vidhi is a junior computer science engineering student in New Delhi, India. She has experience working in React, Javascript and was a mentee in Learn IT, Girl where she made a project using React. She is involved in the open-source community and is a volunteer with Women Who Code Delhi. She is looking forward to improving her skills in Cybersecurity and using it to solve real-world problems. 

Abygayle Ivey

Jamaica | Class of 2020

Abygayle lives and studies in Jamaica. She is currently studying computer science at the University of the West Indies. She is a current member of women in security Caribbean and a Youth Can Do I.T ambassador. Because computer science is so diverse, she wants to explore all her options within different technology sectors to see where her best interest truly lies. She is honoured to be a part of the virtual internship and most excited about connecting with the other. 

Maryanne Awata

Nigeria | Class of 2020

Maryanne Awata is an IT specialist, a freelance customer care expert and an aspiring young chef. She currently specialises in making use of technological tools to help solve problems for customers. Previously she worked as a junior Network Administrator for an investment company and has since explored other career paths in a bid to become successful. She graduated with honors from the Presbyterian University College of Ghana, with a degree in Information and Communication Technology where she majored specifically in Data Communication and Networking. 

Camila Santos

Ireland | Class of 2020

Camila is a Brazilian currently living in Dublin where she is currently studying for an MA in Human Resources Management. Additionally, she holds Bachelor’s degree in Nurse (valid in Brazil) and worked in the area for 4 years as a Maternity Nurse and Public Health Nurse. She is eager for this opportunity and believes it will expand her knowledge. After the internship, she intends to work in a cybersecurity focused role within the humanitarian sector.

Bulanda Nkhowani

Zambia | Class of 2020

Bulanda Tapiwa Nkhowani is the Co-convenor of the Zambia Internet Governance Forum (Zambia IGF) and an Africa School on Internet Governance (AfriSIG) Alumni. Bulanda joined the Seidea Virtual Internship in Cybersecurity to explore how to marry technology and policy in order to influence the safeguarding of organisations and users from potential threats through proactive public policy interventions.

Tariro Joto

United Kingdom | Class of 2020

Tariro Joto is a 3rd Year Student at the University of Leeds, studying a mixture of Chinese and Asia Pacific Studies. She has a passion for Language, Politics and Technology. Taking this into consideration, she hopes to forge a career within Risk, Security and International Relations. She acknowledges the nature of the changing world we live in and the demand for those skilled across multiple disciplines. She aims to use this internship to launch her career in Risk and Security.

Nadia Khan

United Kingdom | Class of 2020

Nadia Khan, is a cybersecurity communications strategist at London's Cybersecurity Hub. She is an award winning scholar studying for an MSc in Space, Risk and Disaster Reduction at UCL.  Nadia is passionate about promoting public awareness about the vulnerabilities, threats and risks posed by poor cybersecurity practices. Through her work, she hopes to foster dialogue between government and the private sector to protect citizen data. She has 7 years of experience working across the public and private spheres in both international and national contexts.

Victoria Babajide

Nigeria | Class of 2020

Victoria has significant experience in the Telecommunication industry, specialising in IT Incident management, Audit and Security. She possesses a deep commitment towards both self and professional development. She hopes to upskill herself with the internship to increase her options within the cybersecurity industry. She is excited about who she will become after undergoing the virtual internship and looks forward upscaling her career. 

Virtual Internship Testimonials

Testimonial videos from our 2020 virtual interns, detailing their experience of our programmes and how it has influenced thier cybersecurity career journey.