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We exist to close the cyber-security gender gap for BAME women.

We offer cyber-security lecture events and webinars from industry experts and reinvest 35% of our profits on our community projects. To enjoy tailored benefits such as CV review and coaching, sign up to our membership club by subscribing to our Newsletter.

Free Cyber-Security Resources & Information

‚ÄčWhen Asking a Friend Is Just Not Enough

We understand how hard it is to understand the cybersecurity industry and more importantly what sector best suits you. This is why we curate monthly resources to help you with gaining insights about the industry and upskilling to meet the labour demands.


  • The Internet of Things with SAP (OpenSAP)

  • Homeland Security and Cybersecurity Future (Coursera)

  • CompTIA Online Bundle (1Training)

Certification Guides


  • Cybersecurity: The Beginner's Guide (Order Book)

  • Information Security Management Principles (Order Book)

  • Computer Networking Hacking (Order Book)

  • Hands-On Incident Response and Digital Forensics (Order Book)

  • Cyber Security: Law and Guidance (Order Book)



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