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SEIDEA Resource Hub

We exist to close the cyber-security gender gap for BAME women.

We offer cyber-security lecture events and webinars from industry experts and reinvest 35% of our profits on our community projects. To enjoy tailored benefits such as CV review and coaching, sign up to our membership club by subscribing to our Newsletter.


BAME Women in Cybersecurity Facebook Group

This Facebook group is a medium for BAME women interested in cyber-security to help and support each other. We share articles, job postings and queries.


Career Development

Virtual Internship

(Mosse Security x Seidea)

Seidea in collaboration with Mosse Security Institute & SheSecures are offering 12 BAME Women access to a remote internship program and certification. It starts April 2020. 



Seidea Mentoring Programme


You sign up, match yourself with a partner, and get helpful conversation starters each week so you get to know each other better. You decide the time and goals you want to work towards.


Current Affairs

Seipod Podcast ​

Hosted by Stephanie Itimi, Seipod is a monthly podcast focused on empowering BAME women with the knowledge needed to be secure online.



Seidea's Online Publication

Showcasing BAME Women who have against all odds accomplished great career goals within the cybersecurity field in hopes to inspire readers. Read their stories and connect with them


Career Development

Career Planning 101

Download our free Career Plan, a tool which helps you understand and identify your skills, motivators and interests and to explore relevant cybersecurity options to you.

Our Coaching Partners:

Interested in changing careers into cyber-security or just need the extra help with planning your career. As a Seidea member you get discounted career coaching and CV reviews with our partners using the codes given in our monthly newsletter.

Linda Pallien

Linda Pallien is a World Class Coach & Speaker. She is renowned for her expertise and experience in Career Development and Entrepreneurship. Linda has been trained by the world’s best including Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, Marissa Peer, T. Harv Eker and John Assaraf.


Described as a visionary thinker, Linda is best known for developing the “How to C.A.R.E.E.R” system of integrating mindset and consciousness into careers.


Her diverse clientele include corporates, educational institutions, charities and individuals worldwide.

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Olaitan Ajimobi

Olaitan Ajimobi is an award-winning career coach with a mandate to help others follow their passion and lead fulfilling careers. Alongside his professional qualification in Career Advice and Guidance, Olaitan is also an experienced learning and development professional, consultant, trainer, and the author of the book ‘Before you follow your passion’.


With nearly a decade dedicated to helping individuals ‘turn their light on’, Olaitan offers a proven way for people to turn their passion into a profession.


To find out more about Olaitan, you can send an email to You can also follow him on social media through the links below.

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Our CV Review Partner:

Interested in changing careers into cyber-security or just need the extra help with planning your career. As a Seidea member you get discounted career coaching and CV reviews with our partners using the codes given in our monthly newsletter.

Norwood Employability

At Norwood Employability


We Retrain PhDs, MSc & BSc Jobseekers to Get Jobs Quicker Not Through the Usual 'Broken' Systems of Applying 'Online', And Not Hearing Back, But Rather Using Our Own Set of Tools Based on Rigorous Research Conducted by Our Employability Manager, Dr John.


We also retrain PhDs, MSc, BSc students and other Top Performers to be Employable to Escape Post-Graduation Unemployment.


Our Services cater For Undergraduates, Postgraduates, Job Seekers, Career Changers, Group Workshop Speaking on Employability, and Studying abroad.


Specifically, our services include:

─ 2-Week Employability Consultation & Quick Job-Finding Training

─ 3-in-1 Service (CV, Cover Letter, & Your LinkedIn Profile Revamp)

─ 4-Week Employability Consultation Quick & Intensive Job-Finding Training

─ Cover Letter writing for targeted companies

─ Employability Coaching Programme (12 Weeks)

─ Employability Skills Workshops for Your College & University Student Groups

─ Hiring salary negotiation training

─ Interview Coaching with our unique 30-60-90-day plan

─ Job-Winning CVs For You Any Discipline Any Position (24 ─ 48 hours turnout!)

─ Professional Networking Package

─ Recreate your LinkedIn profile to professional level & optimise it

─ Studying Abroad

─ Targeted Networking