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Become a Mentor

Collaboration is the only way to close the gender and racial gap in cyber security. Be the change you want to see in the cybersecurity industry. Partner with us by mentoring black and minority ethnic women to increase their chances of career success in cybersecurity.

What is the mentoring programme?

The mentoring programme was established as part of our Cyber Programmes to help students, graduates and professionals with limited work experience navigate the cybersecurity sector, which can be both confusing and frustrating. Entry level candidates receive little support in getting their foot in the door, with qualified students and graduates often left with little guidance, information and even less confidence.


What to expect as a mentor?

As a mentor, you have the opportunity to share your lessons and advice to black and ethnic minority women interested in cybersecurity. While formal or specific expertise is not required, our members are interested in hearing about the personal experiences of those in cybersecurity. As such, you can offer support and advice to your mentees in the following areas:

  • CV and cover letter review

  • Interview best practices

  • Career advice and future planning

  • Insight into your specific profession


Structure and Time Commitments

The mentoring relationship is designed to last three months, with a time commitment of one hour per month. The mentoring sessions are virtual due to the global reach of our cyber programme participants. We recommend using video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet and Skype for communication.

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