Career Route: Security Analyst

A security analyst plays a vital role in preserving the security and integrity of an organization’s data. To achieve this, security analysts must know everything about information security within the company and work across departments to identify and correct flaws in business security systems.

What Is a Security Analyst?

They are also charged with improving the company’s overall security posture. They do this by analyzing each security measure employed by the company to determine how effective they are.

Once identified, they have to work closely with administrators and IT professionals and recommend changes that can improve every aspect of the company’s security. Security analysts also have to conduct employee training workshops and create documentation that can assist response efforts during an active data breach.

In recent years, with the rapid expansion of the cybersecurity landscape, the role has been split into three different types of security analyst jobs:

  • Application Security Analyst

  • Data Security Analyst

  • Security Compliance Analyst

As you can see from the above, the roles and responsibilities of security analysts are becoming more specific. For example, application security analysts focus on web applications, data security analysts concentrate on data, while security compliance analysts focus on regulation.

Although there is considerable overlap between these security roles, there are also some differences that make each position stand out on its own.

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