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Services for Employers

We partner with industry leaders to redefine the talent pipeline, support intentional, strategic, and impactful diversity and inclusion programs, and create internship pathways within companies.


Interested in changing the narrative and diversifying the cybersecurity industry? Hire from our diverse pool of 1000+ Black and Minority Ethnic women, who are in the early to mid stage of their cybersecurity careers. If you are interested, please get in touch using our recruitment form.


Diversity & Inclusion Training

We strongly believe that diversity and inclusion are crucial to the success and growth of every cybersecurity company. For this reason, we have created a four-part workshop series dedicated to the needs of the cybersecurity industry. All of our workshops provide both insight and actionable changes that you and your organisation can implement immediately.


Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy

We assist organisations in identifying their diversity and inclusion priorities, and develop strategies to improve their brand message and recruitment procedures. We also help organisations engage in the conversation about diversity and inclusion internally, and test the appetite to build a BAME network.


Internship Programmes

Are you interested in hosting an intern? We will work with you to create an internship program within your organisation. There are no charges. We ask only that you provide relevant experience to our members—so they can advance their careers in cybersecurity. Our internship programmes range between 4 and 12 weeks and are full-time. We often advocate for paid internships with a salary that meets the national minimum wage requirement

Let's work together

Collaboration is the only way for us to close the cyber-security gender gap, so let us know how we can work together.

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