We exist to diversify the cyber-security industry globally.

About Seidea

Seidea is a career development platform with a social mission of diversifying the cybersecurity industry. We support over 600+ Black and Minority Ethnic women around the globe in their entry into the cybersecurity field through online courses and virtual internships. We partner with industry leaders to redefine the talent pipeline, support intentional, strategic, and impactful diversity and inclusion programs, and create internship pathways within companies.

Our Vision

We have a big vision here at Seidea to support women and in particular Black and Minority Ethnic women in thier transition into the cybersecurity sector. We believe this is the route to reducing the gender and diversity gap that exists in cybersecurity as well as supporting women into rewarding, and innovative security careers. We have big ambitions to support the reduction of the cybersecurity gender gap that exist globally.

Our Impact

Since we got established in 2019, we have been able to achieve the following: 🔴 Supported 600+ Black and Minority Ethnic Women in thier Cybersecurity Career Journey 🔴 Secured 12 Virtual Internships for 12 Women (🇮🇳🇳🇬🇿🇲🇮🇪🇬🇧🇯🇲)

🔴 Taught 65 BME Girls Coding

🔴 Recorded 15 Security Awareness Podcast Episodes ( Seipod)

🔴 Organised 16 Events on Cybersecurity Skills Training and Careers

🔴 Facilited 8 Virtual Mentorship

Virtual Internships

For Black and Ethnic Minority women looking to enter into the cyber security industry, the prospect of making it through several interview stages to work for a large end user is certainly daunting. Especially for those without a technical security background or at an earlier point in their career path. This is why we work with partners to develop virtual internshipprograms that mimic entry-level work. Completing these cybersecurity work experience programs give students on the job training and connects them to the firms themselves.


Seidea partners with industry leaders to redefine the talent pipeline, support intentional, strategic, and impactful diversity and inclusion programs, and create internship pathways within companies. Our company partners make themselves known among a diverse group of talents and enhance thier diversity and inclusion strategies by collaborating with us to develop virtual internships, stregthen thier employee networks and achieve thier D&I objectives. Partner with Seidea today!

Our Courses

We believe that education is a basic human right. All people should be able to access quality cybersecurity education that leads to the advancement of their careers and their earning power. This value informs absolutely everything we do as an organisation. With Seidea, students can learn in-demand cybersecurity skills whenever and wherever they choose. We also teach crucial soft skills such as working effectively in teams, personal branding, and presentation skills; among others. You can stop and start as you need.

The Problem

A report by Cybersecurity Ventures states that women make up 20 percent of the cybersecurity workforce, while an (ISC)2 study using different criteria pegs the number slightly higher at 24 percent. Even though the percentage of women in cybersecurity has increased since 2013 — when women represented just 11 percent of the industry workforce — there is clearly still a gender gap. In the UK, women make up 15% of the industry, while minorities make up 16%. This shows a clear lack of diversity within the cybersecurity industry in both the UK and abroad. Aside from a gender gap, there is also a severe talent gap, with 53 percent of organizations reporting a “problematic shortage” of cybersecurity skills. This is where Seidea comes in, we aim to diversify the cybersecurity industry by focusing on the intersectionality between gender and race, which is often ignored in the diversity discussion.




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